Do you have a backup?

If the worst were to happen, do you have access to a backup of your blog or website?
Our DataSafe backup service automatically emails a backup of your website or blog to you every month for you to store in a safe location. 

For more information, read about our DataSafe Backup Service here: DataSafe Backup Service

20th Dec 2018
"Contact information updated" Email Messages

We recently updated the default system "contact settings" for all accounts in an effort to reduce un-necessary emails from our system.  If you received an email about your contact settings being updated you can ignore it.You can review your current system contact settings by logging-in to your cPanel and clicking on "Contact Information" in the ... Read More »

29th Jan 2018
Protect Your Accounts With 2-Factor Authentication!

iHelpers.NET now fully supports 2-Factor Authenticaiton (OTP method) for our customer portal and cPanel logins and we will even help you set up 2-Factor Authentication on your Wordpress based blog or website.By using 2-Factor Authentication with a password manager like LastPass or 1Password or a 2-Factor Authentication moble app such as Google ... Read More »

30th Jun 2017
OAuth Support Is Now Built-In!

OAuth Logo
Support for the OAuth API is now 'built-in' to all iHelpers.NET web-hosting packages making it easier than ever for your blog or website to take advantage of the increased security and convenience of the OAuth protocol. 

19th Dec 2016
Tired of your emails ending up in your reader's SPAMBOX ?

Make sure the emails from your blog or website end up in your visitors INBOX and not the SPAMBOX! iHelpers.NET is happy to announce our new SendGRID integration service - connecting your website's outgoing email to the world-class SendGRID system, helping to ensure that your newsletters, comment replies and other email sent from your website gets ... Read More »

1st Dec 2016
SSL For All!

Free SSLiHelpers.NET is happy to announce that effective Nov 5, 2016, SSL certificates will be included in all hosting packages at no charge!  

For help or questions with your SSL certificate or enabling HTTPS for your website please open a support ticket and we will be happy to help.

5th Nov 2016
iHelpers.NET Scores Another 100% Uptime Month!

Once again, as reported by the independant testing service PINGDOM.COM, iHelpers.NET acheived an uptime of 100% for the month of November 2015!

4th Dec 2015
Easily Open Support Tickets via Email!

You can easily open a new support ticket by sending an email to "support@ihelpers.NET" with a description of the issue.  Just be sure to send the email from the email address you have registered in your iHelpers.NET account.

3rd Oct 2015
Changes to our portal interface

We have changed the "look and feel" of our customer portal.
The portal now has a more simplified look designed to be easier to navigate.  

13th Sep 2015
Major Hardware Upgrades Completed

Last night we completed several major hardware uprades on all servers including the following: Upgraded to new Intel dual-core processors (servers have 4 processors each) Upgraded to 1/3 more RAM on all servers Upgraded all hard drives to solid state SSD technology Upgraded hard drive arrays to RAID 5 Added additional storage and backup ... Read More »

10th Sep 2015

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