The difference between cpanel, wordpress and iHelpers logins

  • Your iHelpers Portal login: This is the main login to provide access to your account information, pay invoices and order or cancel service
  • Your cPanel Login: cPanel is the "control panel" for your website. Basic/unmanaged webhosting package customers can use cPanel to manage databases, email accounts and other system settings.
    Because the managed webhosting packages offered by iHelpers are fully-managed, managed-hosting customers never have to log-in or use cPanel unless you choose to.  
    Please be cautious when making changes in cPanel as you can easily crash or delete your website.  
  • WebMail Login: This is the web-based email system provided by iHelpers. The webmail system is a "cPanel" product but is different from the cPanel control panel.
  • Wordpress Login: If you have a Wordpress blog or website this is the login used to sign-in and administer your blog.

Notes: You should use a different password for each login/service.  Never share passwords among logins and always keep your passwords secure.

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