How to get your email

You can access your email either from the iHelpers.NET web-based email system or you can configure your favorite email software to send and recieve email.  Below are instructions for both methods.

Web Based Email:

Log on to the iHelpers.NET web-based email at the following address:
Enter your email address and email password to sign-in.  

After you sign in with your email address and password you have several options. Depending on how your account is configured your screen may look slightly different:
iHelpers.NET Web Based Email

Horde, Roundcube, and SquirrelMail are each different web-based platforms that you can choose to view your email with.  Each one has a different look & feel and different options. You can pick one and/or switch between them whenever you choose.  After clicking your preferred web-mail option, you will be taken to your inbox. 

Using your email program (Outlook, Apple Mail, LiveMail)

You can automatically configure your email program by clicking the "Configure Mail Client" icon.  After clicking the icon, choose your email program from the list:

Email setup screen
Find your email program on the left, and click to choose the protocol on the right.  The prefered, safest option is "IMAP over SSL/TLS".  After clicking you may be prompted with warnings or options about configuring your email software.  Be sure to read all messages and follow the prompts.

Manually configuring email

If your email program is not listed in the automatic configuration screen, if you use IOS, Android, or if the automatic script did not work as expected, you may have to manually configure your email options.

You can view all of the settings by scrolling down to the manual settings portion of the automatic configuration scripts page, shown above. You will find all of the settings required to configure virtually any email program.  Note that your screen will differ from the example below. Be sure to use the settings shown after you log-in. Do not use the settings shown in the example below.

Manual email settings

SSL/HTTPS Certificate Warnings:

Your email program may display warnings about "invalid" HTTPS/SSL certificates.  This will happen if you have not purchased an SSL certificate for your domain name, and you have to 'share' the iHelpers.NET SSL certificate.  These warnings are normal and are intended to make you aware that the SSL security certificate being used is owned and maintained by iHelpers.NET and not your domain.  Most email programs will give you the option to ignore this warning and "remember" or "trust" the iHelpers.NET security certificate.

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